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Root Canals

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is a highly successful treatment to remove dead or infected material from within the tooth.

The pulp of the tooth may become infected or nonvital, for various reasons. There may be pain, swelling, and/or bone loss experienced as a result of the pulp dying. The patient may ultimately loose the tooth as a result of this problem. Dr. Klein will perform a root canal treatment using a precision nickel-titanium rotary file system that will efficiently clean out the remains of where the blood vessels and nerves were once alive in your tooth.

After the cleansing of the root canal system, the root is filled three dimensionally to prevent another infection from re-entering the tooth. A crown will be recommended to cover this tooth to protect it and prolong the life of the tooth as it becomes more brittle and structurally weaker after the nerve has been removed.

Although root canal therapy in the past was usually a feared and loathed treatment by many people, technology has improved immensely. Dr. Klein will put you at ease, and you will find the treatment itself a comfortable and non-threatening experience. Believe it or not, some patients do actually fall asleep during the treatment!

Article by Dr. Gary Klein (January 2017)

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