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What About Children's Dentistry?

Dr. Klein recommends that your child be seen for their first visit by the time they reach their 1st birthday. By this time they will already have a number of teeth in their mouth.This is a good time to introduce your child to the dental setting and make it a fun experience for them.

Prevention is very important as is creating good habits from the start.

At their first appointment, Dr. Klein will discuss with the mothers and fathers home care for their child as well as diet and nutrition dos and dont's as they relate to good dental health. Finally, he will look into their mouth and count their teeth and confirm that everything is normal for their growth and development.

With regular dental visits for your child, we will be able to avoid/reduce future dental procedures as well as keep costs down for parents.

As young children are very active, they do sometimes fall. It is important for your child to have a dental home at a young age so if there is a dental emergency they have a familiar and comfortable office to visit.

Baby teeth serve many important functions. Kids need them for eating and for speaking. If there are cavities that cause sensitivity or pain, it will be more difficult to get the proper nutrition for your child and so growth and development may be impacted. Missing teeth in the front of the mouth will affect your child’s ability to speak and be understood. Kids do not want to stand out from the crowd; they want to have a full smile just like their friends.

Primary/baby teeth hold the space for when the adult teeth grow in. If the baby tooth has a cavity that is not properly filled, this can affect the space that is needed when the adult tooth is ready to erupt.

If the baby tooth is abscessed, you may see a pimple in the gum beside the baby tooth in question. This can pose a serious health risk to your child and should be followed up with Dr. Klein as soon as it’s detected. If front teeth have been hit and have turned brown or discoloured, make sure that these teeth are assessed for infection as well.

Dr. Klein and his amazing team pride themselves for the care and attention they provide for the “kids” in their practice. We look forward to seeing your kids’ smiles!

Article by Dr. Gary Klein (January 2017)

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